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Bullet icon What does CVSAR do?


    CVSAR maintains a response capability for grounds search, swiftwater rescue, rope rescue, and mountain rescue.  Members are comprised of volunteers from all backgrounds, including the general public, firefighters and paramedics, mountain guides, recreationalists, and even search dog handlers.

     The group and it's equipment is based in Windermere, co-located with the Emergency Operations Center adjacent the Windermere Fire Hall.  SAR members respond to emergencies from all over the Columbia Valley as far away as the Brisco area in the north, to Panorama, and south beyond Canal Flats.  CVSAR is seeking new members, and interested candidates can apply through the link on this site.


Bullet icon Geographical area of CVSAR.


    Columbia Valley SAR covers a significant portion of south eastern British Columbia, with a considerable diversity of terrain. The area is mountainous with steep walls of poor quality rock unsuitable for technical climbing. The numerous valleys are deep, with fast flowing creeks and rivers, with some class 5 rapids.

    CVSAR is responsible for approximately 20,000 square kilometers in the central East Kootenay, from the Purcell mountain range to the Rocky Mountains along the Alberta Border.  CVSAR's area is bordered by Golden SAR to the North, and Kimberley SAR to the south.  CVSAR peridocially assists other regional SAR groups with extended or complex search and rescue operations, and regularly cross-trains with local emergency services, backcountry operators, and adventure outfitters.


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